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“I’m Nobody! Who are You?”: the Poetry of Emily Dickinsondickinson

Emily Dickinson remains one of America’s best-loved poets.  And for good reason.  Her deceptively simple and accessible poems reveal a mind of extraordinary acuity, and a wit biting and playful by turns.  In one sharply focused lyric after another, she explores a panoramic expanse of human experience, its joys and terrors, its follies and exaltations.  In this course we will read and discuss a representative sampling of her poems.

Six two-hours sessions, Fridays beginning 2 May, 2-4

Course fee $130, reader provided at no extra cost


“That then I scorn to change my state with kings”: Shakespeare’s Sonnets shakespeare-folio-

Shakespeare’s are the first (and usually only) sonnets people think of when the word “sonnet” is mentioned.  He virtually owns the genre in his period, though he composed his sequence as the fashion for sonnet-sequences was waning.  His achievement, however, is indeed formidable.  His sonnets are both deeply felt responses to personal experience and formal exercises in the genre’s distinctive music of language.  We will consider a selection of Shakespeare’s sonnets as both free-standing poetic constructions and a products of their time.

Six two-hours sessions, Wednesdays beginning 28 May, 1-3

Course fee $130, reader provided at no extra cost

A Brief History of the English Languagejohnson002

In this course we will look at some of the more revealing (and entertaining!) aspects of the growth and development of English from the language of some obscure Germanic tribes on the fringes of the Roman empire to its present-day status as a language of global commerce and communication.  Oh, did I mention literature?  Plenty of everything in as user-friendly a package as I can manage.

Six two-hours sessions, Thursdays beginning 17 April, 1-3

Course fee $130, reader provided at no extra cost

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