The MLS and the Coronavirus

Having just returned from a family visit in the U.S., I realise I haven’t posted here for some time. In addition, circumstances have shifted dramatically underfoot in recent months. The advent of the coronavirus has made the suspension of all our sessions a sad necessity. I have cancelled all scheduled MLS sessions until 3 June. That date is a bare guess as to when we might expect to be able to resume.

Really it means ‘until further notice’. I will give advance notification via all the usual channels when I judge it safe for us to resume. I am now self-quarantining: no sign that I have the virus, but no way of telling, either. And Ross House is shutting down for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for all your support! We will return, sooner or later. In the meantime, please do all you can to keep yourselves out of harm’s way, and I hope to see you, safe and well, as soon as it can be managed

All the best,


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