New Sessions for 2014

The Melbourne Literature Seminars Refectory

 12 individual 1-hour sessions beginning 6 August

An initial series of 12 1-hour luncthime sessions, each dedicated to a poem or poems by one poet.  The fee for each will be $10 payable on the day, and each will be free-standing, so you can pick and choose as you like.  Full details in the file attached below

The MLS Refectory schedule August to October 2014

Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur


The current cover of Helen Cooper’s edition, the text I’ll be teaching from

12 2-hour sessions starting 7 August

full details of schedule, text and fees in the attached file below

Malory’s compendium of all the major medieval Arthurian stories and traditions is one of the last great medieval English texts.  Just about every later re-telling of Arthur’s story, from children’s books to novels, poems, plays and movies (even the odd broadway musical!), draws on Malory’s achievement, which marks the bittersweet end of an age, both in a legendary ancient Britain and in Malory’s own 15th-century England. Triumph and tragedy, romance and wonder abound, in some of the most beguiling prose you’ll ever encounter ahead of the King James Bible.

Malorys Morte DArthur Room Bookings

Introduction to Old English51F2pwF9FUL

12 2-hour sessions starting 24 September

full details of schedule, text and fees in the attached file below

Long promised, at last delivered!  This is your chance to amaze your friends and become fluent in English as it was spoken and used as a language of literature, religion, history and a great deal more over a thousand years ago.  Here you’ll find an entirely new world that has nonetheless bequeathed more of itself to our present-day life and language than you might think.  No experience necessary:  this is a subject I have had decades of experience in helping beginners negotiate.  All you need bring is your interest, a willingness to take on a little lanuage-work between sessions,  and a copy of Mitchell & Robinson’s A Guide To Old English (pictured)

Introduction to Old English Room Bookings

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