And They’re Off! First Confirmed Courses for 2016

Hi, everyone, and a very happy new year to you all.  Here is a file containing the confirmed bookings for January-May of 2014.

Confirmed Timetable for 2016 Courses

There have been some changes. Ross house could not accommodate my long-course requests for The Canterbury Tales and The English Mystery Plays, so they’re going to have to wait for winter. But they will happen.

Beyond the short courses I’ve already described in earlier posts (see below) on Kafka and Wallace Stevens, plus the MLS Refectory and part four of the Old English course, I’ve added a six-week course on the Visionary Imagination. It will comprise stories and poetry from mainly modern (i.e. post-18th-century) authors and will explore how different authors have used language to peer over the horizons of everyday experience. I might scan a couple of my sci-fi faves into the mix–there’s no telling. I’ve taught similar courses before at Melbourne and ACU, where they went down a treat.

Since I’m producing readers for most of these courses, it would help if you could let me know what you’re interested in a few weeks before the course is due to begin. Old English and Refectory regulars needn’t bother, though it would always be nice to hear from you!.

I cannot wait to get started, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you all again.


p.s. I’ve done all I can with Ross House to finalise these arrangements, but there might be a minor tweak to schedules in one week or another. I’ll post any changes, though I’m not expecting any at this stage.

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