Tree and Star

cosmic trees

The best of the season to all who’ve participated or expressed interest in this year’s (and next’s!) MLS courses.  You’ve helped to make this whole year something of a Christmas party for me, for which I thank you all heartily.  Since, as Oscar Wilde once observed, no good deed should go unpunished, here’s a little (by my standards, anyway) piece I’ve written to round off this year’s endeavours.  It combines family memories (if you reckon you can survive the idea of seven-year-old me in feetie pajamas, read on)  with some metaphysical speculations I’ve been dallying with for a long while.  Like most of the essays I’ve produced lately, it got a little out of hand, but it was a joy to write.   You have been warned . . . but if you do have a look, I hope you enjoy what you find.

Tree and Star final edit

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