A Recent Piece

A poem I’ve recently written that alludes to an iconic suspension bridge between Brooklyn and Staten Island in New York City, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, a major fixture of my early life and travels.  Fyi, the town on Long Island where I was born is called Babylon, which accounts for the title.  Partly.

The Babylonian Exile

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The MLS Refectory: The Poems of Richard Wrigley

Those of you who’ve been regular attenders of our Refectory sessions will know Richard Wrigley, a Melbourne poet who’s himself been a regular contributor to our conversations. After the publication of his recent book of poems, Honeycomb and Diamonds, I included Richard in our roster of poets to be discussed, and he has graciously offered me a selection of more recent pieces for us to consider in that session.

Richard will be there too, so, for the first time, we’ll have a live poet in the house! It promises to be a special occasion, to which I’m very much looking forward, so if the idea appeals and you’ve not been to a Refectory session recently (or ever), you might consider putting this one into your calendar:

The MLS Refectory: Poems by Richard Wrigley

Wednesday 20 September

First Floor Meeting Room 1
Ross House
247 Flinders Lane

Hope to see you there!

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Too Good to Pass By

Best cartoon I’ve come across in ages.  For all the Dickinson fans out there . . .

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A Couple of Poems

Dunno why I keep chipping away at this particular seam, but they keep coming.  Make of ’em what you will.


Duck Season in Babylon


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A Few More Tunes

Robert Lloyd and I performing a few more of his songs . . .


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Robert Lloyd and I recording his ‘The White Giant’, a song about the Cerne Abbas Giant carved in white chalk into a hillside in Dorset many, many moons ago.  Erm, yeah.  You get the picture.  Rough mix, but enough to give you a sense of where we’re heading.


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Keynote Speech at the Annual Conference of the Australian Early Medieval Society

In April I turned sixty while attending this very lively conference, at which I sold some books and delivered a keynote address.  Belated  photo below.

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The MLS Refectory, series III

The MLS Refectory series continues . . .

Wednesdays 1-2 in Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane.  Schedule at link below.  You bring $10, I bring the poems.

The MLS Refectory 2017 Series Three

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Still Experiencing Techinical Difficulties

Sorry for my long absence!  The version of WordPress that drives this site has stopped uploading images, which has stalled my communications department.  I’m still here, though!  And you can still get in touch via the ‘contact us’ link or directly to my email at bob.dinapoli@yahoo.com.au

Thanks for your patience!  I shall be posting some new course tidings, albeit imageless, shortly.

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A Malthouse Theatre Gig (sort of)

On 26 April I will be participating in an on-stage panel discussion at the Malthouse Theatre after Felix Nobis’s performance of his adaptation of Beowulf. Details at this Malthouse link.

Beowulf · Malthouse Theatre
. Based on his own translation of the Anglo-Saxon poem, Nobis tells a story of kings, monsters, heroes and dragons in a version that is both faithful to the original and accessible to the modern ear.

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